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Everything You Need to Do before the House Mover Comes

Moving can be stressful, time consuming and can go really wrong if you don’t take the time to plan it carefully. Here are some tips on how to prepare your things for the move:

– Start by deciding which items you will be bringing to your new place and which ones you can leave behind. There are probably a lot of stuff that you won’t be needing anymore, thus unnecessary to take them with you.
– Collecting any packing supplies is another thing you need to think about beforehand. Start collecting boxes that you could use for your move from your work or friends and family members. In case you can’t do that, you can find some moving packs available for sale online.
– Begin the packing process by putting all the things you don’t need right now in the boxes. For example, if it’s winter, put away all of your summer clothing first.
– Once you are done, you can start labeling them. Write ‘fragile’ on everything that contain easily breakable items, so the house mover knows to be careful.
– Another good tip is to write a list of the contents of every box, so you don’t need to go trough all 10 of them named ‘kitchen’ just to find the forks, when you arrive at your new place.
– When moving furniture, make sure all the little parts are staying together with the main object. You can put bolts and other little parts in plastic bags and tape them to the big item.
– To avoid ruining smooth surfaces, wrap all the scratchable furniture in protective padding. The padding won’t get ripped like liners would and will protect your belongings better.

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